Elastic calf support wrap -003


Style-Elastic calf support wrap

High quality elastic calf support - complete wraparound support for the whole calf, designed for sports and exercise, and relieving pain from arthritis.
Fully adjustable velcro closure allows it to fit all sizes, providing better compression and warmth, and reducing pressure on the knee caps.

Style numberBS-CALFS-N-003
Bahan–Nylon and cotton
Ukuran–One size fits all
Warna–Available fabric Color for small order,Pencelupan kain untuk pesanan besar
CTN ukuran dan berat–TBC
Waktu pengiriman–Umumnya 30days
Waktu sampling–7-14days
Sampling cost–TBC
Kualitas–High working up
OEM–Selamat datang