Women Long sleeve long leg wetsuit -003

Long sleeve long leg wetsuit -003

This full wetsuit is going to keep you in the water in the coolest conditions, and the high stretch panels give you better performance.

Gaya–Women long sleeve long leg wetsuit
Gaya nomor–WE-LLBN-003

Women long sleeve long leg wetsuit spec
1)2-4mm top quality neoprene laminated with resilient, penolak nilon kain
2)back zipper with self-don leash
3)protective kneepads
4)glued and blindstitched seams are fully waterproof and incredibly reliable
5)skin-seal material at neck to minimize water entry
6)fully-fashioned fit for a close, comfortable fit
7)sutra layar mencetak dengan tinta khusus yang sangat stabil
8)available fabric color for small order,Pencelupan kain untuk pesanan besar
9)ukuran:umumnya XXS-XXL

Women long sleeve long leg wetsuit other information
Paket--umumnya 1pcs/polyBag,8pcs/CTN
CTN ukuran dan berat--TBC
Harga massal--TBC
Waktu pengiriman--umumnya 30days
Waktu sampling--5-kurang lebih 14 hari
Sampling biaya--TBC
Kualitas--tinggi bekerja sampai
OEM - Selamat datang