PVC dada wader Memancing -003

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Style--PVC chest fishing wader

These PVC waders are ideal for a quick trip to the lakes or fishing local rivers in cool conditions. If you only fish occasionally or just can't afford Neoprene's these waders work surprisingly well as long as you layer up with thermals underneath during cold winter mornings. Also ideal in summer when neoprene just gets too hot and breathable wader prices still leave you with an empty wallet!

Style Number--FP-PVCW-003
Spec--PVC chest wader,adjustable straps with quick release buckles,injected molded seamless pvc boot with deep cleated soles to ensure good slip-resistance
Warna–Available Color for small order,mewarnai warna untuk pesanan besar
Paket--1pcs polybag,4pcs/CTN
CTN ukuran dan berat--TBC
Urutan&Sampel biaya--TBC,but lower in camo PVC chest fishing wader field
Waktu pengiriman--umumnya 60days
Sampling time--7-30days based on customer spec requirement
OQC--100% leaking water checking for boots,body and final products
OEM - Selamat datang

Memancing-wader--jaminan kualitas