Pourquoi ne pas utiliser de compte exprès du client

We have suffered "express cost to be paid" problème avant avec le client suivant

Le prix que nous avons cités sont prix usine,both party could find it in talking history and email,Cependant,le client utiliser FEDEX expresse politique et a refusé de payer le coût de fret(ils ont obtenu des biens déjà),when the fedex could not get the express cost then turn the gun to ask us for payment, and it is much more than it should be.For example,the 500pcs bottle cooler shipping cost to Netherlands is about USD200-USD250,while they use the lawyer to ask us to pay USD900. We need to spend much time in honest business,rather than such bothersome issues.

Such small order could brought us about USD700 loss,if the order are big,the potential loss would be much more than this.

Plz understand we do not accept express company collect goods from our company under freight to be collected items,as many express company would still ask sender for freight cost if customer refused to pay it,the two solutions are as follws
1.Nous organisons que la experss et charge expriment coût
2.If you have express agent in china,we could sent goods to your appointed place,frais de transport à payer(domestic express cost is no too much),then we complete our mission after your express agent receive the order,they would send the order to you by themself.

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