The following SEO date are dated on 13/Aug/2016 以下SEO数据为2016-8-13

Home page 10 links,link page 30 links 首页链接10个链接,链接页面30个链接

baidu PR 1
百度          PR 1                                  
google PR 1                                                              谷歌          PR 1       
google history PR 2
谷歌          以前PR PR 2
domain 4.4 yrs
域名时间    4.4年  
1613post included in baidu
百度收录   1613篇 
50500post included in google
谷歌收录    50500篇 
54post included in bing
必应收录    54篇 
58post included in yahoo
雅虎收录   58篇


Exchange link requirement are as follows 交换链接要求如下

1.You must be the related website,no malicious code,first level domain,good webdesign and enough content

2.Home page 10 links in bottom,link page 30 links.
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Text links only                       仅交换文字链接

Our links infor are as follows 我方链接信息如下
Descriptions:           RUWADE provide you good wetsuits in affordable price

中国站点         南京步伟达运动用品 南京步伟达
中文网站描述:      RUWADE 以相对较低的价格提供高质量的潜水服和钓鱼裤
Site description:   RUWADE provide you good quality wetsuits and fishing wader with affordable price

The total website descripition alphabet is limited within 150

6.Our contact email is info(at)    (Just change "at" to @ ), plz ensure the title is "exchange links" to avoid spam filtering system
邮件联系地址为 info(at)  (把at 换为@即可),请确保邮件主题为“exchange links” 防止垃圾邮件过滤系统


SIMMSSIMMS Fishing gear to protect you from the elements. Fishing waders, wading boots, fishing jackets and a full line of sun protection clothes for fishing
BODYGLOVEBodyGlove&'s history of innovation and love of the ocean challenges the company to make products fitting the needs of every waterman and waterwoman
ARENAARENA always strives to provide the best quality of services and bringde lights to our customers
DRAKEDrake Waterfowl stands behind our products and we build our waders using industry-leading materials, workmanship, and technologies.
QUIKSILVERWe have been developing top games since 1984. From classics like Castles to modern games like Star Trek Tactical Assault
中国潜水运动协会 中国潜水运动协会官网