Camo neoprene chest fishing wader -015

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Style--Grass camo neoprene chest fishing wader
Style Number--FP-MCCW-N-015

Grass camo neoprene chest fishing wader spec
1) 4-5mm camo neoprene,
2) melt tape+blind stitch
3) neoprene shoulder strap with magic sticker
4) vulcanized rubber boots with moulded sole and 3.5mm neoprene inside
5) front big pocket with lid

Grass camo neoprene chest fishing wader other information
Package--1pcs neoprene camo fishing wader/polybag,4أجهزة الكمبيوتر/الشركة التونسية للملاحة,الشركة التونسية للملاحة الحجم والوزن-الدرن
Order&Sample cost--TBC,but lower in this field
Delivery time--Generally 60days
Sampling time--7-20days based on customer spec requirement
OQC--100% leaking water checking for boots,body and final products
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