Neoprene beach ball/football/soccer -003


نمط–Neoprene beach ball/football/soccer

رقم النمط–WS-FOVO-N-003
SpecSize1--Size5,we could make other customized size,genuine neoprene material
Logo print–1 color silk screen printed logo
لون–Available color for small order,dyeing color for big order.For more color issue,you could browse related information in FAQ page
حزمة–50أجهزة الكمبيوتر/الشركة التونسية للملاحة
الشركة التونسية للملاحة الحجم والوزن–الدرن
Sample cost–الدرن,but lower in this field
وقت أخذ العينات–7-14days based on customer spec requirement of neoprene beach ball/football/soccerne
وقت التسليم–عموما 30days
تصنيع المعدات الأصلية–اهلا وسهلا,could book customized accessories,such swing tag,wash label,etc
Shipping wayexpress,seashipping or airfreight way
You could browse some of our customer comments for their order or samples on FAQ page as reference
Any further question or requirement,plz feel free to contact us