Bottle gel cooler wrap -007


The gel bottle cooler bag, stored in the freezer, is a great reusable bag, and helps to keep wine or other bottled beverages cool and fresh.It is also could be used as hot and cold compress.

Style--Bottle gel cooler wrap

Style Number--CL-GEL-G-007
Size--W27*H11cm, قبول شرط المساحة المخصصة
Spec--Non-toxic gel material,Eco-friendly PVC
Logo print--Silk screen printed logo/ offset printed logo
Color--Panton color for gel is available
Usage-For hot compress, please put it in the microwavable container or cover completely with water at medium power setting for 30 seconds interval each time until reaching the required temperature or soak into hot water approx. 80-90 degree Celsius for 3-5 minutes
For cold compress, please place it in the freezer for an hour before using.
Package--Generally 100pcs/CTN
الشركة التونسية للملاحة الحجم والوزن-الدرن
سعر الجملة-الدرن
وقت التسليم-عموما 30days
Sampling time--5-10days
تكلفة العينات-الدرن
جودة-عالية تعمل حتى
تصنيع المعدات الأصلية-ترحيب