How to produce high quality and durable fishing wader

Fishing wader need high quality to ensure waterproof and durable.
Some factory use low end neoprene to achieve the cheap price,this low end neoprene are tend to leak water after some times fishing actions.It is the same as breathable fishing wader.
The blind stitch need the good machine,stitch and experienced workers to ensure good quality,some young workers often penetrate the neoprene,even use waterproof sealand tape inside of wader,it still rise the leaking water risks.
The waterproof sealand tape quality,size and machine would affect final fishing wader quality.Some low quality waterproof sealand tape,incorrect size and low end machine,would cause the tape not durable or even roll up at the end.
Furthermore,the design would affect fishing wader quality too,we would give customer rectification suggestions to avoid the potential problems once find such design problems
It is important to perfectly join the upside part of wader with the wader boots,while some factory can not do it well.
We have some special technics to make the fishing wader more durable and not leaking water,excluding above good material and machine.
Finally we provide 1year gurantee for fishing wader quality.We are responsible for our fishing wader quality in 1year to protect customer profit
Some customers work with us for more than 10years.There are maily two reasons,Firstly our product quality,Secondly we are willing to discuss with customer to solve any problems in a friendly way.