Wetsuits knee pad styles

 Add one piece knee enforcement could protect your knee part well,but would affect the knee part elasticity,because the knee pad would become too thick,such as style1/3

So some brand directly print some design on knee pad,seems good but no other fuctions,such as style 6/8/9/10/11

Style12 provide the knee part elasticity and anti-wear functions

wetsuits-knee pad wetsuits-knee pad-002 wetsuits-knee pad-003 wetsuits-knee pad-004
style1 style2 style3 style4
wetsuits-knee pad-005 wetsuits-knee pad-006 wetsuits-knee pad-007 wetsuits-knee pad-008
style5 style6  style7 style8
wetsuits-knee pad-009 wetsuits-knee pad-010 wetsuits-knee pad-011 wetsuits-knee pad-012
 style9 style10 style11 style12
wetsuits-knee pad-013