Wetsuits ankle sleeve neck part styles

Wetsuits ankle sleeve neck part  have some different edge style,we list them here to facilitate customer selections

Cutted edge have the best elasticity, folded edge are more stable, smooth skin edge is close to the skin and stop water,lycra binding have the good elasticity and stability

You could combinate with your spec requirement to get your own wetsuits,including style,thickness,material,size,stitch color,logo,ankle sleeve neck part styles,and other details

cutted edge folded edge smooth skin edge 
wetsuits-neck-cutted-edge wetsuits-neck-smooth-skin-edgewetsuits-neck-lycra-binding
 cutted edge  smooth skin edge lycra binding edge

 When you want to order wetsuit,you could let us know as follows which are just examples

I want : cutted edge on ankle/sleeve/neck/part

I want: cutted edge on neck part,folded edge on ankle/sleeve part